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Black stick

tan, blue, navy and burgundy ribbons

The Ribbon Wand - Designer's Choice

  • •    4-foot fiberglass non-flex horse training stick with comfortable golf-grip handle
    •    Ribbon length varies from a 3.5’ to 4.25’ drop
    •    Ribbons vary between satin, grosgrain, sheer, and glitter
    •    If need more details on a specific wand, contact Raven's Equine Products, LLC

  • The Ribbon Wand and The Riding Wand are the perfect tools to extend your reach/use as an extension of your arm while working on horse liberty training, horse desensitizing, starting colts, and more. The Ribbon Wand and The Riding Wand can be used to desensitize a horse to motion, sound, and touch.

    • Use around sensitive areas such as the face
    • Wrap around cinch, fetlocks, and more
    • Whirl overhead, in front of, behind, and beside the horse
    • Snap the ribbons for a loud pop
    • Build a foundation of trust with your horse to build on with all other training tools and techniques
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